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One Fierce Beer Run-DVD

As it states on the back of the Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Run DVD, whether you are currently a fan of the Bloodhound Gang or not – you won’t be after experiencing ‘One Fierce Beer Run’. This DVD was filmed throughout their tour in 1996 and 1997, in various countries across Europe and the USA. It features footage filmed by various band members and crew both on and off their tour bus and on stage while on tour.

The DVD features a mixture of music videos and off stage antics that will be compelling to some but I have to say, not for me. It was a huge disappointment as you get to see the real side of both Jimmy Pop and Evil Jared as well as the other lesser famous members of the band. It is lacking in features, story line and to be honest any kind of direction.

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It is basically a Dirty Sanchez come Jackass movie on a tour bus. I found it difficult to watch and pointless. You see Bloodhound Gang for what they really are. If you have any opinion on the band or visualise what they are actually like, be prepared for a shock. They come across as a bunch of mindless fools who only get pleasure by drinking, arguing and fighting between each other as well as the old clich of rock and roll stars of picking up groupies and degrading them on their tour bus.

This is hard for me to say as I am (was) a fan of theirs until seeing this. We are treated to a barrage of constant footage of the band playing around by being, to be honest, down right disgusting. This ranges from setting their own pubic hair on fire to near sexual assault on their band members. This all climaxes toward the end with the band coming close to fighting with both the bus driver and themselves to comparing their own vomit so they can identify the culprit of throwing up on Jimmy’s Bunk after too many ‘electric lemonades’.

The DVD is rated an 18 and this is definitely not for anybody under that age. You have constant full frontal male and female nudity and very colourful language from start to finish. This DVD is aimed at the die-hard Bloodhound Gang fan and not those who have heard a few of their songs in the charts and like the bass line. If you what Jimmy Pop can do with a banana of Evil Jared’s taste in women then this is for you. Highlight of the DVD for me was the near fisticuffs and music videos – not much else to offer.