Two members of the Bloodhound Gang have been named as suspects in a criminal investigation in Russia over allegations the country's flag was stuffed down the pants of bassist Jared Hasselhoff during a gig in the Ukraine.

Hasselhoff, real name Jared Hennegan, hit headlines in July (13) when video footage taken at the band's gig in Odessa appeared to show him stuffing the Russian flag in his trousers just days after allegedly urinating on the same symbol at a show in Kiev.

He was subsequently banned from the Ukraine, and now he is facing a probe by Russia's Investigative Committee.

Hasselhoff stands accused of inciting hatred in an organised group, while singer Jimmy Pop, real name James Franks, has also been named in the investigation, according to Sky News.

A statement from the committee suggests the pair is suspected of plotting to carry out acts aimed at "humiliating the human dignity of citizens of Russia".