Most of US tend to remember the Bloodhound Gang as that one-hit wonder of the early 00s, but apparently, the musicians have turned into political activists of late. In truth, the stunt, which ended up offending so many people, that it earned the band a a criminal investigation, a beating from a group of burly Russian men and even a rebuke from the U.S. ambassador to Russia, wasn’t the most elegant form of social commentary possible.

Bloodhound Gang, Aftershow Party
The band have never exactly been known for their subtlety.


After stringing up a Russian flag onstage, during a Ukranian gig, band member Jared Hasselhoff got booed by the crowd. The country (Ukraine) has often had thorny relations with Russia. Then, Hasselhoff asked a stagehand to replace it with a Ukranian flag. However, it was what Hasselhoff did next that got the band in hot water with Russian officials – namely, running the Russian flag through his pants. Not the classiest move, to be sure, but it got the point across.

The video is still up for everyone to see.


When video of the concert surfaced online, it quickly caught the attention of Russian officials. The country’s culture minister, Mr Vladimir Medinski, posted on his Twitter, saying: “The rock group Bloodhound Gang is packing its bags. These idiots won’t be performing in Kuban.” The tweet refers to the band’s upcoming gig at the Kuban festival in Southern Russia, which has now been cancelled. However, despite BHG frontman criticizing Hasselhoff right after the incident and the band apologizing (sort of) for the disrespect, the band didn’t manage to get away with just a slap on the wrist. While waiting in the VIP airport lounge, the band were accosted by a band of angry men, wearing shirts with the slogan “Kuban Cossack Army”. The “activists aimed some blows at the punk rockers, before stamping an American flag on the floor. Such a shame for US/Russian relations, really.

Jared Hasselhoff, Deutche Musikpreis Awards
All is well that ends... oh, wait.