Bloodhound Gang bassist Jared Hasselhoff has been banned from entering Ukraine for five years after shocking video footage appeared to show him urinating on the country's flag during a gig there.

A video filmed during the American group's concert in Kiev on 30 July (13) appears to show Hasselhoff unzipping his trousers and relieving himself on the flag while on stage.

The footage, which has been published on, was taped just a day before Hasselhoff caused consternation by shoving the Russian flag down his pants during a music festival gig in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on 31 July (13).

Ukrainian authorities have now banned the rocker from entering the country for the next five years.

A statement from the Ukrainian security service reads, "In the interests of national security, the security service took the decision to ban U.S. citizen Jared Hasselhoff from entering Ukraine for a period of five years."