Review of Konkylie Album by When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine release their new album 'Konkylie' on K7. Having released an album in their own country Denmark, they finally release a full album overseas. Their unique sound, influenced by 80's synth sounds, showcases their own blend of music to create something original.

When Saints Go Machine Konkylie Album

The focus, for me, on 'Konkylie' is certainly creative and expressive. It projects an inventive integrity by the band and a desire to expand on their influences. The band members are school friends, who obviously know each other well and this really transcends to the sound, whereby they express what they obviously love, with the trust to experiment and progress.

It does create an allure and charm that has to be respected. The inventiveness could border on quirky for some; the lack of colour in places could possibly turn others off too. However, they definitely seem to know what they want to project and that's what really wins it for me. 'Kelly' is a very rewarding listen, it shows an inspiration from deep house music and some aspects throughout the album add elements of funk also.

'Konklylie' is definitely going to be a hit for some but not for others. Personally, I like their originality and identity. I'm sure Gary Numan would be pleased how his influence has continued into the modern day.

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