Review of Be Excellent EP by We Sell Seashells

Welcome to the land that time forgot, a time when it was acceptable to wear cloaks, dress like a flower and write whole albums about Kubla Khan. Leeds 5 piece We Sell Seashells don't seem to have realised that time has moved on since the heady days of the early seventies Prog-Rock hey day.

Following up their Cosmic Trilogy EP, based upon the works of C.S Lewis, they now bring us four more 'songs' with their Be Excellent EP. If you're a big fan of self indulgent, naval gazing, rambling and sometimes incoherent meanderings that recall the works of Yes, Mike Oldfield or Who Rock Operas then download these four tracks straight away. If you don't, steer clear.

The Be Excellent EP may be some musos idea of heaven, all tricky notes, offset arrangements and technical wizardry. Roy from the band is even credited with playing 'Spookiness', need I say more? Overall it's slightly pompous, understates and even represses the vocal too much and is in dire need of better production. The one redeeming feature throughout is the excellence of the violin playing by Chrissie Cauldfield which lifts each piece.

We Sell Seashells Be Excellent EP

We Sell Seashells................well at least they have a back up plan!

Andrew Lockwood

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