Review of Whole Picture EP by Stylusboy

If Stylusboy was on Wikipedia then he would be categorised under the genre "Folk Indie" which really is quite hard scene to establish yourself in. You have to have something really special, something that slaps you in the face like wet fish and says "check me out I'm great" The question is does Stylusboy have that? Many artists who manage to break through in this scene not only have a fantastic single but also have a full albums worth of material to (hopefully) back it up with.

Stylusboy Whole Picture EP

Stylusboy's new offering is the EP 'Whole Picture', the problem with EP's in general is that you look at the title track to be the hook with the bait, and sadly for Stylusboy it seems that the bait has fallen off the hook. 'Whole Picture' is a pleasant piece of work but it stays at a level of 'average' and if this was a football team it would be ending the season at mid table obscurity. Not awful but at the same time it's not pulling up any trees, and the only real keepers on this six track EP are the title track and 'Gunfight at the OK Corral'.

Mark Moore

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