Review of Colour of the Bear Single by Mojo Fury

Colour of the Bear is the second single from Mojo Fury's upcoming debut album, Visiting Hours of a Traveling Circus, and just like its predecessor, The Mann, it is a face-melting two and a half minute slab of twisted indie punk genius.

Mojo Fury Colour of the Bear Single

It begins with electronic noises before angular guitars riffs and a great vocal hook bring in the verse. Think Rage against the Machine in a jam session with Biffy Clyro. Following this is an absolutely monumental chorus. Really, it's huge: the sort of thing festival crowds could shout along to. The middle section brings a soaring break down into a crushing instrumental version, before one last chorus. You get the feeling this is something special.

On the B-side is an acoustic version of their last single, The Mann. This version has been slowed right down, which makes it all the more menacing. You know at any moment this band could explode and go mental, even if it is an acoustic version.

On the evidence of both of their singles, the debut album - released in May - is going to be one hell of a thrill ride.

Ben Walton

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