Review of Love Is A Fridge Album by Me And My Drummer

Comprising of Charlotte Brandi and Matze Prollochs, both members of Me and My Drummer worked as theatre stage musicians, before pursuing this project.  This release if the successor to their 2012 debut and it will be supported numerous dates in their homeland of Germany, as well as an appearance at Brighton's The Great Escape.

Me And My Drummer Love Is A Fridge Album

Carried on Brandi's sultry vocals, 'Lancelot' is a relaxed beginning to this work, before the electro-pop of 'Gun' perks your interest, particularly with its synthesised hook.  'Easy On Me' follows a similar path, but it is 'Pentonville Road' which stands out, mainly for the grander delivery from Brandi and suitably imposing chorus.  The duo also impresses with the dynamic 'Blue Splinter View', which utilises swooning strings, but proceedings take a downturn thereafter.  In particular, 'Grown Up Shape' fails to generate interest and 'Traces In The Sand' is a return to the earlier electronica sand, but is quirky in an uninteresting manner.  By this point, the moments of inspiration previously mentioned seem a long way off.

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