Review of One More Light Album by Linkin Park

Having shed their nu-metal skin long ago, Linkin Park have released their seventh album of new material and first since 2013. Their reported sales figures of over 70 million albums is testament to an outfit who have outstayed their new millennium peers, while their standing as a live draw sees them play three UK arena shows in July.

Linkin Park One More Light Album

If you have heard the songs that have preceded this album's release, then you have already sampled the best of what is Linkin Park's most commercially pop collection. 'Battle Symphony' is their signature stomping anthem, but without the guitars cranked up, while 'Invisible' is an apologetic sing-a-long which fits snugly to daytime radio. The collaborations offer the greatest results with Pusha T and Stormzy joining co-vocalist Mike Shinoda on 'Good Goodbye' which help make up for the weak chorus, while Chester Bennington makes amends for this when joined by Kiara on the R&B flavoured 'Heavy'.

The remaining album tracks are at best filler; with the title track in particular a weak attempt at tender balladry that simply doesn't suit. 'Nobody Can Save Me' is a nice opener when you expect something with more attitude and energy, while they fall into by-numbers territory on 'Halfway Right'. There's nothing wrong with trying something different and in many ways it is to be admired, but ultimately the results here fall short of a band who not long ago could legitimately claim to be amongst the global elite of rock acts. 

Good Goodbye featuring Stormzy and Pusha T:

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