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4th June 2010

Fact: British singer Kate Nash has enlisted her rocker boyfriend - The Cribs star Ryan Jarman - for a cameo appearance in the video for her latest single KISS THAT GRRRL.

28th April 2010

Quote: "This is ultimately a hilarious way to make a living. It's not like a proper job at all." Singer Kate Nash loves showbusiness.

28th April 2010

Quote: "Becoming the hate figure was weird. I still remember the worst posting. It said, 'You are everything that is wrong with music distilled into one slag. Why don't you stick a bomb up your c**t and explode?' Oh well, at least he didn't find me bland." Singer Kate Nash on her favourite hate mail.

12th March 2008

Quote: "I was once weeing in the middle of a car park when the lights of a car in front of me suddenly came on." British singer Kate Nash recalls one of her most embarrassing moments.

21st February 2008

Quote: "My big ambitions for this year are to learn to drive, buy a house and knit. So far I've made a scarf - and I'm well chuffed." British singer Kate Nash has got a packed year ahead of her.

8th January 2008

Quote: "I don't swear to be crude or shocking. I do it to show that I'm frustrated. And some of it is quite funny I think." British singer Kate Nash explains her foul mouth.

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