Kate Nash likes ''championing'' new artists.

The singer songwriter set up her own company Have 10p Records in 2011 and Kate has since enjoyed being in a position to ''support'' up and coming musicians as the head of her own business.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she explained: ''I'm always really supportive of new artists and talent. It's quite nice to think that like because I have always liked championing new artists. I'm now in that position where in a few years I could really support someone and help put out their record.

''I'm kind of in a lucky position with my third record - I'm not brand new and having to rely on someone. I had set up Have 10p Records as a trust fund originally and then I set up as a singles label for friends and stuff and it just made sense to continue. It's really cool actually because I was in a meeting [recently] as head of the label.''

Kate, 26, is releasing her new album 'Girl Talk' through her label after a disagreement with her former label, Fiction, and is pleased she knows where all her funds are being spent and that she has the power to make sure everything is being done in the right way.

She added: ''It is quite nice to know where all the money is being spent on the record and where things are happening. If you are not happy with something you can voice that.''

'Girl Talk' is out on March 4.