Kate Nash felt devastated when she was dropped from her record label because the British singer had no idea she was set to be axed.

The Foundations hitmaker lost her contract with Universal Music Group subsidiary Fiction Records following disappointing sales of her second album, 2010's My Best Friend Is You.

However, Nash admits she was already making plans for her third album when she heard the bad news.

She tells the Bbc, "It was scary (being dropped) for like... a couple of days. At the beginning of the year I'd sort of decided I needed to make this (third) record just cos (sic) of personally where I was, it was like an emotional purging thing, I (told label bosses) 'I have to make this record, I'm gonna go and do it and I hope that's ok with you'... but then I ended up getting dropped later in the year."

The singer was determined not to give up on her music career, so she launched her own label, Have 10p Records, to release her third album, Girl Talk, independently, and Nash admits she now feels much more in control.

She adds, "It's turned into like a really amazing thing... I've just released my third record... and it's on my record label Have 10p Records. I just feel much more in control and I think now that I'm like 25 I'm a bit older and I'm a bit more of a savvy businesswoman. I like having the power over what I'm doing."