Kate Nash is backing Lily Allen's controversial comeback song 'Hard Out Here'.

The 'Girl Talk' singer, who previously said it was ''annoying'' when people compared her to Lily, is still impressed with her return to music.

Speaking at Paul Newman's SeriousFun Children's Network Gala at the Roundhouse in Camden, London on Tuesday night (03.12.13), Kate exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I think it's a really fun and strong song and video to come back with.

''It's good to have someone like Lily back because she's very opinionated and doesn't hold back for anyone, which I really like. Having her honesty and humour back in pop music is a really good thing.''

The singer-and-actress, who released her third studio album 'Girl Talk' this year and appears in the upcoming film 'Powder Room' alongside Sheridan Smith, is worried by the way in which success in the pop industry is measured.

She said: ''I think right now we measure success by how many likes you get on Instagram or twitter followers and Youtube views.

''That is reflecting back into young people and them thinking about how many Facebook friends they have and how they can get more attention on the internet, which I don't think is a really healthy mindset.

''I think that this country in particular needs to show more respect for a lot of different types of people doing different types of work.''