Since the release of her 2007 debut album, Kate Nash has largely faded into obscurity with her follow-up records taking her brand of unconventional pop out of the mainstream. But now she's set to make a name for herself as an actress in new Netflix series 'GLOW'.

Kate Nash stars in Netflix series 'GLOW'Kate Nash stars in Netflix series 'GLOW'

It's not her first acting venture, but it's certainly her first major role. 'GLOW' follows the lives and careers of a group of female professional wrestlers; set in the 80s, it's a colourful exploration of girl power and Los Angeles glamour.

Kate plays a character called Rhonda 'Britannica' Richardson - a female wrestler who auditions for a promotion called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or GLOW) in the mid-80s. It became a successful TV series off the back of the people behind the World Wrestling Association and was a seminal point in the development of mainstream female wresling.

The singer-turned-actress, who broke out in 2007 with the sleeper hit 'Foundations', previously appeared in the 2013 British comedy 'Powder Room', which co-starred Sheridan Smith and Jaime Winstone. She was also in the pilot for 2015 historic mini-series 'The Devil You Know' with Eddie Izzard and Karen Gillan, Aram Rappaport's romantic comedy 'Syrup' starring Amber Heard and a biopic on Jeff Buckley and his father called 'Greetings from Tim Buckley'.

'GLOW' has been created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, who previously worked together on hospital comedy series 'Nurse Jackie'. It also stars Alison Brie from 'Community' as lead character Ruth 'Zoya the Destroya' Wilder, who comes into GLOW as a struggling actress. The rest of the cast includes 'Masters of Sex' actress Betty Gilpin as Debbie 'Liberty Belle' Eagan, 'Captive' star Sydelle Noel as Cherry 'Junkchain' Bang and Britney Young from 'Those Who Can't' as Carmen 'Machu Pichu' Wade.

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The first series was released on Netflix on Friday (June 23rd 2017).