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Kate Nash (DOB July 6th 1987) has taken the country by storm with her infectious pop songs and carefree attitude.

Starting off by playing the piano at school she was writing songs at the tender age of 13. Also an aspiring actress she acted in and wrote plays whilst growing up. Rejected by the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, she was undeterred and continued down the creative route with her song writing.

As fate had it Kate Nash famously fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her foot. Consoled by her parents they bought her a present of an electric guitar. With the gift and free time she had recuperating, Kate used the time to write some new songs and work on old ones.

Although she had been writing and recording for years previously the extra time she had at home, bore a selection of new songs as well as giving her time to finish off and rework some of her earlier offerings.

Stardom didn't come knocking straight away and armed with her songs Kate booked herself a gig at a local bar in Harrow called Trinity to showcase her songs.

As is the way of modern musicians Kate Nash played a few gigs locally and then started uploading her music onto Myspace for a wider audience to listen to. In the process she also found herself a manager and producer to help her along the way.

Before long a debut single, Caroline's a victim/Birds, was on the cards and the 1000 limited edition 7" vinyl sold out. Released through the well established Moshi Moshi record label another 1000 were pressed but they also sold out in short order.

The hype machine understandably started to build for Kate Nash and to coincide with the single release in February 2007 a video was made, both song and video received airplay on MTV2 and on national radio.

Not too long after the single release and its meagre climb to 153 in the UK single charts, in April 2007 Kate Nash signed to Fiction Records, who are part of the major record label Polydor.

Kate Nash then went on to release her next single 'Foundations' and this was soon to be the turning point and key to her mainstream acceptance.

Peaking at number 2 in the UK single charts she missed the top spot by just 16 copies which was taken by Timbaland's 'The way I are'.

After a whirlwind few months of endless exposure, airplay and broadcasting of 'Foundations' video, her debut album 'Made of bricks' was released in August 2007, reaching number 1 on the UK album charts in its first week.

Kate's subsequent heavy summer festival schedule, including Glastonbury and Leeds, helped boost her profile and although later singles haven't done as well on the charts, her debut album 'Made of bricks' keeps resurfacing in the UK album chart.

Fast forward to early 2008 and the awards piled up with Kate Nash winning a BRIT award for Best Female artist, an NME award for Best Solo Artist and a Q award for Breakthrough act.

Now with another busy summer of festivals and gigs, including opening the pyramid stage at Glastonbury, Kate Nash is set for more exposure and more fans.

With new songs and an album on the cards, Kate Nash, at only 20, is one of the countries shining stars on the Pop scene.

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Kate Nash Stars In Wrestling Drama 'GLOW'

Kate Nash Netflix

Since the release of her 2007 debut album, Kate Nash has largely faded into obscurity with her follow-up records taking her brand of unconventional pop out of the mainstream. But now she's set to make a name for herself as an actress in new Netflix series 'GLOW'.

Kate Nash stars in Netflix series 'GLOW'Kate Nash stars in Netflix series 'GLOW'

It's not her first acting venture, but it's certainly her first major role. 'GLOW' follows the lives and careers of a group of female professional wrestlers; set in the 80s, it's a colourful exploration of girl power and Los Angeles glamour.

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Kate Nash Announces New Spring 2014 Tour Dates

Posted on28 February 2014

Kate Nash Announces New Spring 2014 Tour Dates

Powder Room Review


While women in the audience may find resonance in the comical prickliness, this film remains more of a stage play than an actual movie. Indeed, playwright Hirons has adapted the script from her play When Women Wee, but it's such a broad farce that we never quite believe any of it on-screen. Although two of the actresses nicely underplay their characters for the cameras.

The story takes place almost entirely in the ladies' room at a British nightclub, where the disorganised Sam (Smith) is having a night out with her friends: shameless maneater Chanel (Winstone), trashy Saskia (Hoare) and the too-nice Paige (Steele). Then Sam runs into the posh Michelle (Nash) and her gorgeous French friend Jess (Chaplin), and decides to ditch her pals. But the club isn't big enough to avoid them for long, and things get increasingly messy for everyone as the night progresses. Meanwhile, the restroom attendant (Fiori) just laughs at their melodrama.

With Sam at the centre, every other woman is essentially a stereotype carefully written to convey some aspect of femininity. By contrast, the men are barely defined at all, so only two register, both of them unusually nice: Sam's ex (Warren) and a guy (Balfour) she chats to in the smoking area. But in this large ensemble, only Sheridan and Winstone manage to give their characters three dimensions, mainly because they create properly cinematic performances that rely on understated details rather than histrionics.

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Kate Nash, Jaime Winstone and Sheridan Smith - 'Powder Room' film premiere held at the Cineworld Haymarket - Arrivals. - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 27th November 2013

Kate Nash, Jaime Winstone and Sheridan Smith

Hilarity And Life Lessons In The Ladies' Room Are The Main Themes Of 'Powder Room' [Trailer]

Sheridan Smith Kate Nash

Powder Room is a neon-lit, booze-soaked revelation into what goes on in the lives of women when no one is looking in a story set, as you may have guessed, mostly in a nightclub restroom. Or so the trailer would have us believe, at least. The film, based on the appropriately titled play When Women Wee, by Rachel Hirons, takes place within a single club in the space of one night.

Watch the Powder Room trailer

It tells the story of bored with life Sam, who spends days working and her nights, much like the current one – out at one questionable venue or another with a gaggle of shot-downing friends. A revelation comes to her on this particular night, when she has a chance encounter with old friend Michelle, who is now engaged and leads a dream life, full of glitz and glamour in Paris. Unlike Sam, Michelle is thoroughly underwhelmed by the particular club and makes her friend question her own judgement and standards.

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Kate Nash - Reading Festival 2013 - Day 1 - Performances - Reading, United Kingdom - Friday 23rd August 2013

Kate Nash

Powder Room Trailer

Sam is living an entirely uninteresting life full of hardships and love life troubles. However, during one night out to what she reckons is a 'posh' nightclub, she is forced to reassess her life and think about who she really wants to be as she is reunited with her glamorous old friend Michelle, who is now engaged and leads a glitzy lifestyle in Paris with her equally trendy friend Jess. To her, the club is a distinctly cheap and tacky and Sam becomes so consumed with jealousy that she finds herself carving out a whole new identity that she is forced to keep up the rest of the night. But with friends like Chanel, Saskie and Paige who spend the evening downing shots and shamelessly seducing men, it becomes a harder feat than she realised.

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Kate Nash - This year Small Steps were the smallest charity at the Glastonbury Festival, but it still managed to get shoes from celebrities in attendance such as Rita Ora, Professor Green, Kate Nash, Kenny Rogers, B. Traits and Seasick Steve, with more still to come from acts including Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Example, Iggy Azalea and Jake Bugg. - Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Friday 5th July 2013

Kate Nash

Beer Pop-Stars Hanson To Play 24-Hour 'Live Music Day Festival'

Hanson MTV Atlas Genius Gavin Degraw 2AM Club Matt Nathanson Kate Nash Frank Ocean

Hanson - the 90s pop group who recently released their own brand of beer - are among the acts confirmed the Live Music Day Festival - an online/mobile music festival featuring over 50 musical acts. The event, curated by MTV, CMT and VH1, will take place during the O Music Awards on June 19, 2013.

Elsewhere, Atlas Genius, 2AM Club, Gavin Degraw, Kate Nash and Matt Nathanson will also perform at the event. The OMAs celebrates the best in digital music, featuring categories such as Best Music App and Most Artist Instagram. Yep, you were us correctly, Best Artist Instagram.

This year, Grammy winner Frank Ocean is honored with two nominations for Must Follow Artist on Twitter and the award for Too Much Ass For TV. Fans can vote by heading to OMusicAwards.com or via Facebook or Twitter. Another feature of this year's event is the Make A Band Famous segment, where five up-and-coming  groups will perform during the live show and compete and viewer votes. The band with the most votes will win the distinction of MTV's Artists to Watch, VH1's You Oughta Know or CMT's Listen Up prize. 

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50 Acts Announced For Live Music Day Festival

Frank Ocean Kate Nash

MTV, CMT and VH1 – some of the biggest musical abbreviations in the world there folks – are coming together for their 24-hour Live Music Day Festival, with more than 50 acts included on the line-up, that will be run in conjunction with Viacom’s O Music Awards.

Before you all get packing your tents and wellies though, we’re not sure that this is actually a festival in the physical drink too much dodgy cider and wind up getting your soul healed by some dodgy self-proclaimed druid variety. In keeping with the way things are going in 2013, it appears to be a virtual festival, with music fans able to tune into performances on their mobiles and laptops. Anyway, among these 50 acts announced for this festival include Atlas Genius, 2AM Club, Hanson, Gavin DeGraw, Kate Nash and Matt Nathanson are just a few of the acts; if those names don’t get your anticipation levels pulsing then … well it’s fair enough really.

The O Music Awards celebrate the best in digital music and feature categories like Best Music App, Most Inspiring Fan Outreach and Best Artist Instagram. Among those up for some awards include Frank Ocean, who is honored with two nominations this year - Must Follow Artist on Twitter and Too Much Ass for TV - while Justin Bieber has garnered a nomination for Fan Army FTW. Prestigious.

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Kate Nash Rocks New Gothabilly Look For London Fashion Week

Kate Nash The Cribs Chloe Moretz

The Kate Nash of old is long gone. The singer once known for wearing cutesy dresses and cardigans appears to have shed that vintage look and is opting for a more dramatic sartorial style. Sporting a shimmering grey dress with bows and a black cape-like quilted black coat, Kate finished off her look with her hair rolled atop her head in a rockabilly style, showing off its part-black dye job. Part goth, part old-school rock and roll, one thing’s for sure, this is a new Kate Nash we see before us now.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash sports new look at London Fashion Week

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Kate Nash - Death Proof EP Review

Brit winning, Artists Coalition founding, Harrow educated, obsessive compulsive, former cockney sparra wannabe and occasional actress of potty mouthed propensity, Kate Nash is all set to throw off her somewhat tiresome and inaccurate Lily Allen comparisons for good with her latest material. Having built a faithful following on solid and inspiring foundations across two albums that polarised opinion Kate has undergone something of a transformation.

Kate Nash - Death Proof EP Review

Since making her mark on popular culture, Kate has diversified from the well-trodden path of many of her less creative and imaginative contemporaries. Not only has she continued to explore new musical territory herself (she has collaborated with a wide variety of differing artists including Willow Smith!) she has also encouraged others to do so with her Rock N Roll Girls after school clubs. She's also turned producer (Supercute), and part-time punk bassist (The Receders). With album number #3 (Girl Talk) now due out in March, Kate has released this 5 track EP to whet the appetite of the faithful and possibly to prepare us for what is to come.

This is not the Kate Nash of "You said I must eat so many lemons, 'cause I am so bitter. I said "I'd rather be with your friends mate, 'cause they are much fitter" which is somewhat regrettable but entirely understandable. Kate clearly doesn't want to get stuck in a rut and has made a decision that a change in direction would be no bad thing. 

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Kate Nash and Black Kids, Nottingham Rock City, Live Review

Kate Nash & Black Kids
Nottingham Rock City.
Sunday 2nd March. 2008
Live Review

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Kate Nash

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Kate Nash

Date of birth

6th July, 1987









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Powder Room Movie Review

Powder Room Movie Review

While women in the audience may find resonance in the comical prickliness, this film remains...

Powder Room Trailer

Powder Room Trailer

Sam is living an entirely uninteresting life full of hardships and love life troubles. However,...