Elizabeth Hurley has a "very different" relationship with her son than she did with her own parents.

The 58-year-old actress has Damian, 22, from her previous relationship with businessman Steve Bing and explained that because they have always "shared the same interests", that is why he was able to direct her in several graphic scenes for her new movie 'Strictly Confidential' even though she could never have done the same with her own mother and father.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she explained: "I think Damian...he's a single child of a single mother so we've spent a huge amount of time together. The relationship we have forged is very different to the one I had with my mum and dad.

"So when people think that it is just extraordinary that my son would film me in these particular scenes, it would have been absurd to film my mother or father [like that]...it's just mind-boggling!

"But they weren't in the same business as me, they didn't share the same interests as me. Damian grew up with a camera in his hand, he's been filming me since he was nine or 10 years old, in his little sketches, his little baby movies. All his family have always been in his thing. So it felt very nature progression and it felt very organic to who we are.

"I've made him - forced him to take my Elizabeth Hurley beach videos and photographs for a long time, so for him to see me in a bikini or a sarong is completely different to me photographing my mother!"

The 'Bedazzled' star can understand why it might appear "very odd" to others that her son has been directing her in intimate scenes for her new movie, but insisted that the pair of them still have a "mummy and son " relationship outside of work.

She said: "I get why that would be very odd to other people, it just wasn't odd to us. We have a very professional relationship but we are still mummy and son. I tell him off. I tell him off when he won't come to the table. The food's there and he won't come!"