Review of Hands High Single by Bang On

Big Dada release the first single from Bang On! 'Hands High'. Liverpool emcee Elliot Egerton is the vocal force behind the outfit who spits with a 'council estate' vibe championed by Skinnyman. The sound is hard hitting from the school of dubstep and grime. It creates a heavyweight 'punch' that should be a winner for many youths and a great representation from the Big Dada label. It's certainly not for the faint hearted as there is a strength and energy that is intense, that I really like, although the lyrical content is from the 'punk' element of grime that I don't feel will stand up to the truly proficient emcee, however it's all about youthful expression that can't be denied. Not bad.

Bang On Hands High Single

Tareck Ghoneim