Review of Alice Gold Album by Alice Gold

A twenty something singer/songwriter from London who has followed her career aspirations as far as to be travelling America in a Winnebago and apparently using the toilet as a vocal booth!

Alice Gold Alice Gold Album

Success has not come quickly for Alice, she has had to work hard and be persistent with her music. But it is hard work and persistence that pays off in the end isn't it?

Listening to her first selection of tracks it becomes all too easy to put her in the nice girl category - the girl who has been singing and writing in her room from a young age. She puts all of her hopes, aspirations and emotions into songs and acoustic tunes. The fact is that the latter part is true, but Alice is far from typical and certainly stands out.

Her lyrics appear to flow easily as if so natural to her, and all brought through her blues style vocals. It brings out that excitement that maybe, just maybe there is something new on the horizon for music.

The great thing about this collection is that it is full of surprises. The stereotypical young and innocent girl is thrown out when you reach 'Orbiter'. Bring on Alice Gold, rock chick. A rock/power pop hit released earlier this year that you simply cannot ignore. She brings the right amount of attitude to wield a guitar and throw her music out to a crowd with no signs of the 'nice girl'.

Alice Gold is a versatile artist, able to take on anything, from distinctive chilled out tunes to full on psych pop rock. It would be good to see Alice go even further over the next year.

She is current, quirky, and won't be held back!

Laura Johnstone

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