Alec Baldwin had so many children later in life because work got "less interesting".

The 66-year-old actor - who has Ireland, 28, with ex-wife Kim Basinger, and Carmen, 10, Rafael, eight, Leonardo, seven, Romeo, five, Eduardo, three, Lucia, also three, and Ilaria, 16 months with spouse Hilaria - loves his career but has found the projects he has offered don't appeal as much as they used to, so he's found contentment in his personal life instead.

Speaking on the 'Our Way with Paul Anka and Skip Bronson' podcast, he said: "I found that as I got older, work became less interesting to me.

"I'm interested, you know, I wanna work and I like to work. But they just don't make that many films anymore that I think are interesting.

"Then all of a sudden I met my wife, who I love dearly. And every time the [youngest] baby would get to be 2 years old, we go, 'Maybe it's time for one more baby.'

"[We had] seven kids in nine years. It's crazy."

But the former '30 Rock' actor confirmed he is lilely "done" with expanding his family any further.

He said: "I'm the only person I know who drops four kids off at school in the morning and comes home and I still have three kids waiting for me when I get home.

"I got my oldest daughter. She has a baby and she and her boyfriend are living in Oregon."

Asked about having more kids, he then laughed: "Oh man, how dare you ask me that question."

Alec recently joked that "every moment" he and Hilaria manage to catch away from their children counts as a date night.

He told Extra: "When you have seven children, every moment away from your seven children is date night, technically. It’s a cup of coffee we usually have every evening together. My wife, she bathes and feeds and puts the kids to bed every night, then we go off and have some time together."

Hilaria quipped: "He gets a little bit of attention" before Alec noted: "A very little bit!"