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John Wick

Video | 9th October 2014

John Wick was one of the criminal underground's finest hitmen until the untimely death of his beloved wife. Now he's living a relatively solitary life with his pet dog, retired from that world and living...

Tags: Keanu Reeves - Adrianne Palicki - Ian McShane - Bridget Moynahan - Willem Dafoe - Bridget Regan

Bryan Cranston to Star in Investigative Thriller 'The Infiltrator'

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 9th October 2014

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has signed on to star in investigative-thriller The Infiltrator - the first of seven new movies from Good Films. The project begins production in January 2015 with filming set for...

Tags: Bryan Cranston - Marisa Tomei - John Leguizamo


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 27th June 2014

Like comfort food, this movie has very little nutritional value, but it sure goes down smoothly. This is one of those shamelessly delicious-looking films that makes our mouths water at the tasty dishes that are...

Tags: Jon Favreau - Sofia Vergara - John Leguizamo - Bobby Cannavale - Scarlett Johansson - Robert Downey Jr

Jon Favreau Donates Tribeca Film Festival Prize Money to Food Rescue Charity

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 28th April 2014

Jon Favreau is planning to donate his $26,000 cash prize from the Tribeca Film Festival to a New York City food rescue charity. The actor-director won the Heineken Audience Award for Best Narrative Film on...

Tags: Jon Favreau - Scarlett Johansson - Sofia Vergara - John Leguizamo

Jon Favreau And Sofia Vergara Appear At The Tribeca Premiere For 'Chef'

Footage | 23rd April 2014

The stars of food comedy 'Chef' are seen arriving on the red carpet at the movie's Tribeca Film Festival premiere in New York.Among them are main star, director and writer Jon Favreau; John Leguizamo; Bobby...

Tags: Tribeca Film Festival - Jon Favreau - John Leguizamo - Bobby Cannavale - Sofia Vergara


Video | 9th April 2014

Carl Casper is a chef working at one of the top restaurants of Miami. Food is his ultimate passion in life and so he is utterly heartbroken when his boss forces him to cook a...

Tags: Jon Favreau - Sofia Vergara - Scarlett Johansson - Dustin Hoffman - Robert Downey Jr - Bobby Cannavale


Video | 10th March 2014

Carl Casper is a well-known chef from Miami who works in a trendy LA restaurant much lauded by critics. However, when one particularly formidable critic shows up to taste Casper's food, his culinary creativity is...

Tags: Jon Favreau - Sofia Vergara - Scarlett Johansson - Dustin Hoffman - Robert Downey Jr - Bobby Cannavale

Ride Along

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 27th February 2014

There's a decent premise to this action-comedy, but the filmmakers can't be bothered to put in the effort to actually make it funny or exciting. Instead, they sit back and hope that the fast-talking Kevin...

Tags: Ice Cube - Kevin Hart - John Leguizamo - Tika Sumpter - Laurence Fishburne - Bruce McGill

Ride Along

Video | 28th January 2014

Rapper turned actor Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart jokingly diss each other in a short featurette which shows their never-ending banter on the set of action comedy 'Ride Along'. The movie is about a...

Tags: Kevin Hart - Ice Cube - John Leguizamo - Bruce McGill - Tika Sumpter - Bryan Callen

Rio 2

Video | 27th January 2014

Blu and Jewel believe that they are two of a kind as the only full grown blue macaws in existence as they make their home in a cosy Brazilian bird sanctuary with their fast-growing offspring....

Tags: Jesse Eisenberg - Anne Hathaway - Leslie Mann - Jamie Foxx - Rodrigo Santoro - Jemaine Clement

John Leguizamo Beaten Up On Set, By Sean Penn

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 16th January 2014

John Leguizamo beaten up on set? Wait, did this really happen? Well, it looks like it sort of did. The Moulin Rouge star has spoken of his breakout movie Casualties of War, explaining that he...

Tags: John Leguizamo - Sean Penn

Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 19th December 2013

The filmmakers make a serious mistake by aiming this educational epic at very young children, because they've undermined the considerable skill and artistry that have gone into making it. An astoundingly trite script overflows with...

Tags: John Leguizamo - Justin Long - Skyler Stone - Tiya Sircar - Karl Urban - Charlie Rowe

Rio 2

Video | 4th October 2013

Blu and Jewel's babies are growing up fast and developing an eagerness to learn about the world outside their Brazilian bird sanctuary run by kind owners Linda and Tulio. The free-spirited Jewel is also getting...

Tags: Jesse Eisenberg - Anne Hathaway - Leslie Mann - Jamie Foxx - Rodrigo Santoro - Jemaine Clement

Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith Play Happy Families At NY Premiere Of 'Don Jon' - Part 3

Footage | 21st September 2013

'Ben and Kate' star Dakota Johnson and her mother 'Working Girl' actress Melanie Griffith are seen holding hands on arriving on the red carpet of the New York premiere of 'Don Jon' held at the...

Tags: Dakota Johnson - Melanie Griffith - Chris Noth - Julianne Moore - Rob Brown - Scarlett Johansson

Kick-Ass 2

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 15th August 2013

New writer-director Wadlow (Never Back Down) makes one severe misstep with this sequel to Matthew Vaughn's snappy 2010 Kick-Ass: he loses the irony. Now everything is played for goofy laughs and indulgent grisliness. There's no...

Tags: Aaron Johnson - Chloe Moretz - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Jim Carrey - Morris Chestnut - John Leguizamo

Kick Ass 2

Video | 26th July 2013

Dave and Mindy have been forced to abandon their Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl monikers following the defeat of ruthless crime boss Frank D'Amico and the death of Mindy's father Big Daddy. Dave goes back to his...

Tags: Aaron Johnson - Chloe Moretz - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Jim Carrey - Morris Chestnut - John Leguizamo

Ride Along

Video | 3rd July 2013

Ben is a high-school security who only wants one thing in his life; to marry his beautiful girlfriend Angela. However, that proves to be less than easy when Angela's tough and intimidating cop brother James...

Tags: Kevin Hart - John Leguizamo - Ice Cube - Bruce McGill - Tika Sumpter - Bryan Callen

The Counsellor

Video | 27th June 2013

'The Counsellor' tells the story of a naive lawyer who holds the belief that dabbling in drug-trafficking is the best way to earn a little extra cash. However, that dabbling evolves into full-blown dealing which...

Tags: Brad Pitt - Michael Fassbender - Javier Bardem - Penelope Cruz - Cameron Diaz - Natalie Dormer

The Counselor: First English Teaser Trailer Released [Trailer]

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 25th June 2013

From the writer of No Country For Old Men and the director of Prometheus comes new gritty thriller, The Counselor, with an incredible cast including Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Penélope...

Tags: Ridley Scott - Brad Pitt - Penelope Cruz - Michael Fassbender - Javier Bardem - Cameron Diaz

Kick Ass 2

Video | 28th March 2013

After their previous caped capering defeating mob boss Frank D'Amico, things seem back to normal for Dave Lizewski and Mindy who have abandoned their respective Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl monikers in favour of a regular high-school...

Tags: Aaron Johnson - Chloe Moretz - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Jim Carrey - Morris Chestnut - John Leguizamo

Kick Ass 2

Video | 18th March 2013

Dave Lizewski is Kick-Ass, a real superhero who's been trying to live a normal life as a high school student alongside his younger counterpart Mindy, also known as Hit-Girl. However, his escapades fighting and killing...

Tags: Aaron Johnson - Chloe Moretz - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Jim Carrey - Morris Chestnut - John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo and Jason O'Mara Bring Wives To Premiere - One For The Money New York Premiere Arrivals Part 2

Footage | 25th January 2012

The New York premiere of One For The Money was held at the AMC Loews in Lincoln Square. Ice Age star John Leguizamo, who plays Jimmy Alpha in the film, attended the premiere with his...

Tags: John Leguizamo - Jason O'Mara

One For The Money

Video | 11th January 2012

Stephanie Plum is down on her luck. She hasn't had a job in months, she is recently divorced and her car has been repossessed. She needs to turn her life around. Luckily for her, her...

Tags: Katherine Heigl - Daniel Sunjata - John Leguizamo - Sherri Shepherd - Debbie Reynolds - Patrick Fischler

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Video | 29th November 2011

Sid, Manny and Diego are doing a good job so far of surviving the Ice Age but now a new danger is threatening to finish them off - continental drift. The three heroes are now...

Tags: Ray Romano - Queen Latifah - Denis Leary - Seann William Scott - John Leguizamo - Chris Wedge

The Lincoln Lawyer

Video | 11th January 2011

Mickey Haller might not be one of the top lawyers in LA but the service he provides for his clients is an effective one. Generally Mickey defends bike gangs, prostitutes and drug dealers but when...

Tags: Matthew Mcconaughey - Ryan Phillippe - Marisa Tomei - William H Macy - John Leguizamo - Josh Lucas


Video | 14th September 2009

Watch the trailer for Rage Rage is the new film from Sally Potter. Based in the world of fashion the film is meant to be shot by a school boy filming a project individually speaking...

Tags: Jude Law - Judi Dench - Dianne Wiest - Steve Buscemi - Eddie Izzard - John Leguizamo


Video | 30th June 2009

Watch the trailer for GamerGamer is set in the near future and the life of a prisoner is a very bleak one. With the world infatuation with online gaming, the corporations behind best selling games...

Tags: Gerard Butler - Logan Lerman - Michael C. Hall - John Leguizamo - Aaron Yoo - Alison Lohman

Nothing Like The Holidays

Video | 17th September 2008

Watch the trailer for Nothing Like The Holidays.The holiday season is the one time of year a family can guarantee they will all get together, the fighting over Christmas dinner, the excess drink and kids...

Tags: John Leguizamo - Freddy Rodriguez - Debra Messing - Alfred Molina - Luis Guzman

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