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Fendi Store Anniversary Party

Gemma Chan - Fendi Store Anniversary Party held on New Bond Street at Fendi, New Bond Street - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 4th June 2015

Gemma Chan

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015

Gemma Chan - The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015 at Berkeley Square - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Gemma Chan

Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2015

Gemma Chan - Glamour Women of the Year Awards - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015

Gemma Chan - The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015 - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Gemma Chan

Jameson Empire Film Awards 2015

Gemma Chan - Jameson Empire Film Awards 2015 at Grosvenor House - Arrivals at Grosvenor House Hotel, Jameson Empire Film Awards, Grosvenor House - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 29th March 2015

Gemma Chan
Gemma Chan
Gemma Chan
Gemma Chan
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The Double - Clip

Simon is a timid, uncharismatic and largely forgettable man who doesn't seem to be getting anywhere in life. He is rarely acknowledge at work and is a stranger to all his colleagues, his mother is disappointed in his lacklustre life and to top it all off, the woman he loves, Hannah, remains firmly indifferent to his existence. With his future hanging in the balance as he fails to make an impression on anybody, his life is further thrust into oblivion with the arrival of his doppelganger and complete opposite, James - who is newly employed at Simon's work. Unlike Simon, James captivates everyone he meets and is destined for success - even Hannah has his attention as he rapidly takes over Simon's life. With everybody else totally ignorant of the creepy resemblance, Simon is forced to snatch his life back by any means possible.

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The Double Trailer

Simon is one of those sorts of people who can never seem to make an impression on anybody. His work colleagues barely know his name, his love interest Hannah remains stoically uninterested and his mother is unsupportive and, quite frankly, thinks he's rather strange. Already in danger of letting his life slowly slip from his grasp, things start to get dark when a new employee joins Simon at work. James is the spitting image of Simon in every way from the hair and clothes to the voice and smile; however, the very obvious difference is that James is brimming with confidence with a magnetic charisma that charms everyone he meets. Simon appears to be the only person who notices his resemblance - a frustrating prospect when Hannah starts to become extremely interested in James. Simon simply can't let this imposter infiltrate his world - but just how far will he go to stop him?

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The Double - 2 Snakes Clip

Simon is already running the risk of seeing his life crash and burn around him, with his reticent personality forcing away any love interests (or even friends), attracting much disappointment from his mother and losing him support in his career, but things are about to go further downhill very soon. A new employee named James has taken up a position at his workplace but, to Simon's horror, he looks and sounds identical to him - only with a more extroverted disposition and captivating character. Simon's too afraid to try and change things in his life, feeling comfortable (if a little depressed) with remaining in the shadows, but when James starts to take over everything he holds most dear, he is forced to try. But can he battle his demons while remaining sane at the same time?

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The Double - Teaser Trailer

Being diffident, introverted and generally awkward in social situations, Simon finds his life increasingly difficult as he feels unappreciated in his work life, disparaged by his disappointed mother and rejected by his only love interest. Unable to find the courage to turn his life around, things are about to get much, much worse as a new employee at his company named James shows up. James is Simon's ultimate doppelganger, and his appearance only serves to make Simon increasingly more nervous as, although they are identical in looks, they are total opposites in personalities with James possessing a much more confident and magnetic character. Gradually, James starts to infiltrate Simon's life, taking over everything he holds most dear with Simon being driven completely insane in the process.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - International Trailer

Jack Ryan is a young office worker at CIA headquarters whose life turns upside down when his cosy desk job turns into a major physical operation. He's been able to hide his dangerous career from his new wife Cathy for a couple of years, but now that someone is trying to kill him, things get a little trickier. He is enlisted to help thwart a major Russian terrorist plot that threatens the lives of millions of people in all the major cities of the world, but when he makes it to Moscow, he finds a very angry wife waiting for him. However, as things turn out, she has a crafty head on her herself and agrees to get involved with the operation as a diversion, but when her life is suddenly at risk, Jack has to decide where his priorities lie.

Based on the Tom Clancy book series which kicked off with 1984's 'The Hunt for Red October', Kenneth Branagh ('Thor', 'As You Like It', 'The Magic Flute') directs action thriller 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' - the fifth film in the movie series produced by Mace Neufeld ('The Aviator', 'Beverly Hills Cop III', 'Asylum'). David Koepp ('War of the Worlds', 'Angels & Demons', 'Jurassic Park') and Adam Cozad are screenwriters and it will be released in the UK on December 26th 2013.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Teaser Trailer

Jack Ryan is a young CIA analyst who joined Intelligence hoping for a comfortable office job that he could easily cover up so that his wife Cathy, who he met three years ago, won't find out what he does for a living. However, things don't exactly go according to plan and he finds himself being targeted by an assassin while uncovering a frightening plot involving Russian terrorists launching a major terrorist strike at the main cities of the world in a bid to destroy the US economy. He is charged to go to Moscow to stop the conspiracy from going ahead but then finds he has other problems to deal with when his wife follows him and discovers the extent of his deception.

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Submarine Review

There's a blast of originality to this coming-of-age film, telling a familiar story in a fiercely engaging way. Filmmaker Ayoade also beautifully combines bone-dry comedy with genuine emotion.

Oliver (Roberts) is a fairly typical teen who hasn't quite figured out who he is meant to be. While waiting to discover what his "thing" is, he falls for Jordana (Paige), a girl who's far cooler than he is. And he can't believe his luck when they start developing a relationship. But at the same time, he realises that his parents (Hawkins and Taylor) seem to be falling apart, as his mother is spending a little too much time with a hippie-ninja neighbour (Considine) who happens to be her ex.

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submarine Trailer

15 year old Oliver sees himself as something of a cool child prodigy, when in fact, he might be smart but he's also a loner. Oliver's mother Jill is thinking of leaving her husband for a new age mystic called Graham as her relationship grows closer to him day by day whilst his father seems to be falling into a deeper depression.

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Pimp Review

There's a lurid atmosphere to this low-budget film that efficiently plunges us into a place that's almost overwhelmingly seedy. But the filmmakers fudge their faux doc structure and don't create a single character we care about.

A documentary crew is spending a week with low-life pimp Woody (Cavanah) on the streets of London, but what begins as an average series of events soon spirals into something much more sinister as Woody tries to protect his favourite hooker Bo (Chan) from the Chinese mafia while being pressured by his gangster boss (Dyer). Woody's life is full of movers and shakers, all buzzing around on their own specific errands, just like he is. Surely one of them knows what happened to a Ukrainian prostitute who has gone missing.

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Pimp Trailer

Woody is a pimp and fixer for his boss Stanley and Soho in London is their territory. When Woody agrees to be filmed by a documentary film crew he doesn't expect his week to be filled with so much commotion. Being beaten up by his landlord for late payment of rent is the least of his worries. When he discovers that one of his girls has gone missing, a hunt begins to find her. A rival Chinese gang also appears to be moving into Woody's terrain. It could be the start of a brutal turf war. Realising his life up until now doesn't really give much to his future, Woody starts to question if it's time to make a move away from his lifestyle which is starting to spiral out of control.

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