Review of Take My Advice Single by Wild Party

Wild Party, the first new signings on the fast rising Friends vs. Records roster for quite some time hail from Texas and deal in a pretty unique sound which takes in disco synths with more rock elements such as live drums and guitars. Take My Advice/Life's Too Short is their first UK single release and it holds many treats for its listeners.

Wild Party Take My Advice Single

A-side Take My Advice is full of 80's style synths and a great deal of clattering, chaotic percussion. The rock takes a back seat, while wistful lyrics like "I wonder if you think about me half as much as I think about you" It really captures the feeling of being a carefree 15 year old again, and does not feel at all cringey as lyrics like that sometimes can.

B-side Life's Too Short is a little bit more rock than Take My Advice, with stabs of indie guitar coming to the fore as the synths take more of a supporting role. This is a more conventional indie song, with once more brilliant vocals and some excellent harmony work in the background.

Wild Party are certainly an interesting band, offering music that embraces the joys of life. If you like your rock music with a thick helping of pop this is definitely something you should check out. Interesting things are certainly headed this way from this great young band.

Ben Walton

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