Review of Tangle EP by Trash Talk

"Tangle" is the latest in a string of releases for Sacramento, CA hardcore band Trash Talk. Released free-of-charge digitally, the five song EP nicely encapsulates the band's relentless drive, its strong ties to thrash and old-school hardcore punk, and its unbridled aggression.

Trash Talk Tangle EP

In contrast to 2014's full-length, "No Peace", this EP has a darker, punchier sound mix and a bit more emphasis on vocal phrasing or delivery. The ear-grabbing elements on "Tangle" are the grinding, distorted bass guitar tone, the confrontational, urgent emotion pushing the vocals, and the unrelenting, loud dynamic.

Trash Talk, fast and furious, blurs the boundary between classic thrash metal and old-school hardcore, embracing insistent, angry, screamed vocals coupled to beefy guitars and bass. Drums are boomy, pounding, and visceral. The band doesn't waste time on eclectic time shifts or virtuosity, relying more on paint-peeling viciousness. The analog recording adds to the EP's vibe, the notes grinding and blurring together with slivers of light puncturing omnipresent darkness.

Music is cyclical and honorary of its origins, and Trash Talk is no exception. The mid-section of "Constrictor" mutates and redelivers a hefty chunk of an old Celtic Frost (or even Hellhammer) guitar riff, which Frost's Tom "Warrior" Fischer may have himself lifted from early 1980s punk rock. "Soothe Sayer" rampages with a mid-tempo swing driving a monster riff through about half the tune.

"Tangle" makes no concrete attempt to push genre limits with its studio recordings, yet still meshes those categorical boundaries effortlessly by touring with hip-hop and rap artists. For that reason, metal and hardcore purists might be more inclined to stick with Trash Talk's studio albums.

"Tangle" is dyed in the wool, traditional hardcore punk rock by Trash Talk that pulls no punches musically. It doesn't concern itself with excess flair or flourish, instead focusing on sledgehammer rhythms, saturated and warm crushing guitar, heavy bass, and convincingly aggressive vocal delivery. Fans who want music that sounds ready to attack right through the speakers will relish the 11-odd minutes spent with these riffs and words.

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