Director Paul Feig has given fans their first look at the new Ghostbusters uniforms on Twitter, sharing an image of the four costumes hanging on a rail along with the hashtag whatyougonnawear. The pic shows that the ladies’ costumes will very much be in keeping with the classic Ghostbusters look, albeit with a modern twist.

Feig is currently filming the all-female reboot, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Saturday Night Live cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. While few plot details have been revealed so far, Feig has said that McCarthy’s character will be the crew's loose leader’ figure, while still keeping the film an "ensemble piece”.

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Thor star Chris Hemsworth has also recently joined the film’s cast, playing a receptionist who is loosely based on Annie Potts’ character Janine Melnitz from the original two Ghostbusters movies. Shooting began on the film in early June and Sony has currently penciled it in for release on July 22nd 2016.

But the female-fronted reboot is not the only Ghostbusters film in development however, as Sony has also stated they're planning another movie, this time with an all male cast. The film is reportedly being produced by Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum who is also expected to star.

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News of the rival Ghostbusters came as a bit of a shock to director Feig who told Variety back in March that he had no idea Sony was making another reboot. “Who knew there were so many ghosts to be busted in the world?” He said. “All I know is my ladies are going to kick ass and I would not want to go into battle without them.”