Review of Shampain Single by Marina and the Diamonds

There are numerous much-hyped twenty-something females currently attempting to make waves in the British pop scene (think Goulding, Lott, Faith et al.), all of which have the same frustrating tendency towards similarity and repetition and evoke a feeling that once you've heard one track, you've pretty much heard them all. Unfortunately for twenty-five year-old brunette Marina, and her diamond collective, this is exactly the case with new single 'Shampain', which shows great resemblance to her previous offerings.

Another mediocre passenger on the 'eighties rejuvenation bandwagon, Marina sings in a Debbie Harry-like attitude-ridden punky voice during the verse and a contrasting higher and softer tone during choruses echoing the great influence of Kate Bush all over a tame and unoriginal electro-tat backing. Despite the four B-side remixes offering the song something of a lifeline, Shampain's musical contents are just as irritating as its title, undoubtedly Marina's weakest single to date.

Marina and the Diamonds Shampain Single

Hannah Spencer

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