Review of Resistance Is Futile Album by Manic Street Preachers

Just when you think they've about drifted away into the mist never to return, Manic Street Preachers kick back with another epic album. Unlucky for some, Manic Street Preachers release their thirteenth studio album today - rather appropriately, Friday the 13th.

Manic Street Preachers Resistance Is Futile Album

Luckily, 'Resistance Is Futile' is epic enough to avoid the superstition that surrounds it. Having already released the distinctive 'Distant Colours' and 'Electric Blue' which has that classic Manics energy to it, the third single was 'Dylan & Catlin', bringing in a duo with James Dean Bradfield's complementing that of The Anchoress beautifully. 

Opening track 'People Give In' has the stamp of Manic Street Preachers all over it, complete with wonderfully contradicting lyrics such as "People give in, people stay strong". On the other hand, it is a slight change in direction for the band; that rock edge is still there but it's certainly one of their more melodic albums. 'Sequels Of Forgotten Wars' along with 'Hold Me Like Heaven' showcase the more melodious blends.

The stand-out track has to be 'Broken Algorithms'. It's more raw and a lot more ballsy, and it's great to see that the guys still have that in them. The end of the record sees Nicky Wire on vocals which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen; 'The Left Behind' fits brilliant with Wire's vocals and is reminiscent of when he sang 'Williams Last Words'.

It's safe to say that there is a reason why the Manic Street Preachers are still around. They have evolved, they have grown, and they have never got complacent, while still producing the sort of music that they want to do.

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