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Connie Britton Gives Thumbs Up To Peter Berg's 'Friday Night Lights' Movie

Connie Britton says she is a big supporter of a possible Friday Night Lights movie and would "love" to see if happen. Appearing at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Britton said that although she's currently...

Argo Star Launches Campaign Against Chinese Restaurants In Texas

Argo and Zero Dark Thirty star Kyle Chandler has launched a crusade to ban the sale of shark fin soup in Texas.The actor, who lives on a farm outside of Austin, was encouraged to get...

Zero Dark Thirty, A Critic's Paradise, Tipped For The Oscars.

Kathryn Bigelow is no stranger to success. Her 2008 Iraq war movie The Hurt Locker was the recipient of a plethora of awards, including the an enormous six Oscars, and six Baftas, winning Best Picture...

Hurt Locker Director Kathryn Bigelow Releases Trailer For Latest Movie Zero Dark Thirty

The new trailer for Osama bin Laden takedown movie Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow came out yesterday (October, 11 2012).The movie, from Hurt Locker creator Kathryn Bigelow, follows the decade-long hunt for the...

Kelly Clarkson Smitten With Emmy Winner Kyle Chandler

Kelly Clarkson has fallen for Emmy Award winner Kyle Chandler after reading all about the actor in a recent Men's Journal magazine.The singer tweeted a photo of the cover of the men's publication after reading...

Kyle Chandler Rescues Newborn Deer

Actor Kyle Chandler rescued a newborn deer after he found it caught up in a cactus patch on his Texas ranch.The King Kong star was enjoying an afternoon stroll around his estate when he heard...

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