Review of The Rubbergum EP - Vol. 3 EP by Kassidy

Review of Kassidy's EP The Rubbergum EP - Vol. 3 released through Mercury Records

Kassidy The Rubbergum EP - Vol. 3 EP

This time last year, Glaswegian based quartet Kassidy, then known as Cassidy, released their debut single 'Night In The Box', which blended the sensivity of Turin Brakes with the swagger of Oasis and Kasabian in a fantastic chirpy indie style; the band also supported Razorlight as part of XFM's 2009 Winter Wonderland gig. Now releasing their third EP in the 'Rubbergum' series, so called after the studio where recording took place, they've ditched the 'C' for a 'K' and mellowed into an American-tinged country-folk collective following in the footsteps of the likes of the successful Brit-folk tribe Mumford & Sons with the confidence and American-roots of Kings Of Leon.

'Oh My God' instantly outs this stomping indie-folk vibe with acoustic guitars, brushed drums, a clap-along bluesy-pop chorus and later a tight stop-time bridge ridden with lush and well-pitched vocal harmonies. 'That Old Song', meanwhile, is an acoustic guitar led cowboy-folk blues with low lead vocals and Johnny Cash feel throughout. Driven forward by percussive sounding muted electric guitar, 'That Old Song' then blasts into a stomping full band sound complete with cheesy V-I bass line and catchy melodies.

'Gamble Does The Gambler' continues in much the same country-pop vein with two-part vocal harmonies over strummed acoustic guitar and mandolin building layer upon layer before ending with a well-pitched a capella vocal conclusion which leads nicely into the completely unaccompanied (bar stomping and clicking) four part vocal harmony track, 'The Next Move On'. 'Heart' then concludes 'The Rubbergum EP - Vol. 3' with something of a different, more down-tempo, laid-back indie feel; less 'yee hah!' and more atmospheric.

All in all, a strong offering; here's hoping that Kassidy just bite the bullet and make an album rather than knocking out a continuous stream of strong yet unimaginatively titled EPs.

Hannah Spencer

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