Review of Hope St Album by Kassidy

Glasgow folk-band Kassidy have released various EPs over the past three years, but now they have released their first full album, Hope St. and as the title of the album suggests, if this record is anything to go by, these guys have a very hopeful career in front them indeed.

Kassidy Hope St Album

Fans of the recent Brit-winners Mumford and Sons should rejoice because they have a new band to add to their favourites. Kassidy combines traditional folk with a striking contemporary edge to create something truly spectacular. The record kicks off in a flamboyantly loud fashion with Stray Cat; a precursor of what one should expect for the rest of the LP. Anthemic and powerful, the complexities of the production on this track are visible. And this is obviously not forgetting the chants that will stick in your head for hours. The hits keep coming with I Don't Know, an indie-americana track that has a very unusually commercial edge to it. Soothing the psyche, this is sure to do amazingly well across the boards. Aligning themselves with the Kings of Leon, The Lost is a steeplechase ride into folk touching on grungy rock. Again using folk traditions but adding a modern twist, makes this a catchy track that not only captures your attention directly but probably is one of the best tracks on the record.

However, it is not all upbeat and boyant. That Old Song, a track that sounds like something from a Jimmy Cash back-catalogue, exemplifies sedated folk that is haunting and moody - even up to the final tragic notes that linger on. Even Waking Up Sideways, as its title suggests, has a hung-over and comatose feeling that allows it to stand apart from its peers. Similarly, Take Another Ride follows this poignant sound that Kassidy are attempting to achieve; this hippy track is sure to go down amazingly well in the summer festivals to come. Adding a level of intricacy to their music, Kassidy are able to combine beautifully produced music with a sense of real longing or emotional fulfilment. The album's title track captivates the senses with a real emotive and touching pull. It's only regretful that the track doesn't last for long.

The only problem that lies with this record is the lack of a huge amount of new material. Consisting essentially of a collection of the three EPs previously released, it probably would have been nicer to see a larger variety of new material present on the record. But for new emerging fans, this really is the best of the best for Kassidy. Every track sounds different from the other, and you never reach the feeling of de-ja-vu on this record. Creating unique and enchanting music, this may signify the birth of Kassidy as a force to be reckoned with.

4 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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