Review of Integrity Blues Album by Jimmy Eat World

Formed 23 years ago in Arizona, Jimmy Eat World were part of the popularity explosion of American guitar music at the turn of the Millennium, spawning the platinum record 'Bleed American'.  Now onto album nine, the quartet are in a touring schedule that will take in Europe, and both North and South America.

Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues Album

Though at times placed in the punk-rock crowd, JEW have always been much more of a melodic beast, something that is apparent from the opening 'You With Me'.  It has the hallmarks of the band at their best; an infectious energy that doesn't displace their tune, something that follows into the slower 'Sure And Certain'.  

The band drop the tempo further for the brooding 'It Matters' before they unleash some crunching chords on 'Get Right', but this lacks the hooks that were evident in the early stages of the album. They return to familiar territory on 'You Are Free' and 'Through', but it's hard to deny a sense of ideas drying up, though the emotive 'The End Is Beautiful' sees them at their swooning and sweet best.  It's as impressive as anything else on a record that is heavily front-loaded with the stronger material and ultimately shows JEW still have something to offer.

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