Review of Jamie Lawson Album by Jamie Lawson

Having released his debut album nearly a decade ago, Jamie Lawson has come to prominence as the first signing to Ed Sheeran's record label. The exposure was sustained with a support slot to One Direction and the announcement of further shows - his tour agenda runs through to Easter 2016, covering the UK, Europe and North America.

Jamie Lawson Jamie Lawson Album

For the first few spins Lawson's eponymous collection passes by competently, but seemingly nothing more.  Slowly and surely, the acoustic melodies of the singer-songwriter take grip; with the likes of 'Wasn't Expecting That' and 'Still Yours' emitting warmth.  'Someone For Everyone' chimes effortlessly, while 'Cold In Ohio' has a sweeping hook.  The key to Lawson's appeal is that the sentiment of tracks such as 'Don't Let Me Let You Go' are simple and universal, though this may not spark a ripple of excitement for everyone.  A couple of filler tracks clutter the middle order, but a suitably swooning conclusion is provided in the shape of 'Let Love Hold You Now'.  It can feel a little mono-paced at moments, but ultimately Lawson proves himself to be a capable proprietor of the 'man and his guitar'.


Alex Lai

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