Review of Phase Album by Jack Garratt

Winner of the Critics' Choice category at this year's Brit Awards, BBC Sound Poll of 2016 and shortlisted for MTV's Brand New 2016. Jack Garratt has a received a great amount of expectation to live up to with his debut album Phase.

Jack Garratt Phase Album

Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt II) is a gentle opening to the album with a fade in of Garratt's subtle vocals. The track is the first of many surprises featured on Phase with the exploding of an electronic chorus thrown in the proceedings.

The Brit has rightly earned the aforementioned recognition, as shown with tracks like Breathe Life which features catchy beats with its keys and percussion helping make the song come alive. The positive and upbeat lyrics against Garratt's soft vocals are pop perfection.

Far Cry is a beautiful track with a gentle piano introduction against a rollercoaster of genres - including pop, blues and electronic. The emotive vocals from the 24 year old feel personal discussing love and relationships. 

A personal highlight is Weathered. The raw, harmonic single features breathy vocals elevating the track to another level. The sensitivity is prominent with 'And if I never let you go, will you keep me young'. The lyrics feel as if Garratt's heart and soul is poured into the song. 

Worry and The Love You've Given - both released as singles - has helped propel Garratt's career into the mainstream reaching number 3 on the UK album charts. Worry is catchy and versatile likewise to The Love You've Given showcasing the songwriters unique ability to experiment in sound. 

Phase showcases Garratt's pure talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing all instruments featured on the album.  As well as the production, mixing and vocals Garratt's impressive skills proves he is a man of many talents. The mixture of genres with an electronic sound incorporated with soft soul, Garratt's experimentation has pushed the creative boundaries in music for 2016.

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