Heidi Klum feels "lucky" to be 50.

The model celebrated her landmark birthday in June 2023, and Heidi has now revealed that she's happy to embrace her age, rather than hiding from it.

The blonde beauty - who is married to 34-year-old musician Tom Kaulitz - told HELLO! magazine: "I feel lucky to be 50. We're lucky to get old.

"When I was younger, I would think: 'Fifty! That's like a grandma already!'

"Now that I am 50, I don't feel like a grandma, even though I could be one very soon. Who knows?"

Heidi - who has Leni, 20, Henry, 18, Johan, 17, and Lou, 14 - feels she actually has more freedom now than she did a decade ago.

The model also revealed that she's recently rediscovered her love of clubbing.

She said: "Now they're older, the days of me going to bed at 9.30am are over. So I feel like with them all being older now - maybe it also has to do with my younger husband, I don't know - it's just fun.

"It's fun to go to a club. I enjoy music most of the time.

"I'm going to the club and I look around and I'm like: 'Am I the oldest person here? I think I am.'"

Meanwhile, Heidi previously described her husband as a "great man".

The model also rubbished criticism of their age gap.

Asked why it's such a big issue for so many people, Heidi told Glamour magazine: "I think it's often just spitefulness.

"Perhaps many people also think I've had too much luck in life. I have a great job, I get to travel the world, I can buy expensive things. And now I've also got myself such a great man."