Review of Good For Nothing Single by Hard-Fi

Hard-Fi, remember them? Defiantly one of those bands that disappeared off the face of the earth, it's been four years since the release of their second album and, needless to say it wasn't welcomed with the same enthusiasm as their first record. For lesser bands that would spell the end for them but it looks like the boys from Staines have a bit more about them and are ready to step back out of the shadows and frequent the UK radio waves once again.

Hard-Fi Good For Nothing Single

Straight off 'Good For Nothing' kicks off with some dodgy intro and instantly there is a worry that this band have gone three steps back...

...but the strange opening bit seems to mould perfectly with the rest of the song and once the guitar riffs kick in accompanied by Richard Archer's vocals there is a sensation that the band who provided one of the main soundtrack's in 2005 is back. The refreshing thing about this single is it's clear the boys have decided not to cover well-trodden grounds, instead electing to try something new. It's as if they went back to their first record and thought "how can we produce something with the same sound as this but better". Hard Fi are back and let's hope like Ronseal, the album does exactly what it says on the tin. That being that it is full of 'Killer Sounds'.


Mark Moore

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