Gabrielle Union doesn't want her haircare range to ''exclude'' anybody.

The 'Being Mary Jane' star is set to launch her Flawless by Gabrielle Union range of haircare products on August 3, and has said she's committed to making sure the line stays affordable and accessible for all.

She said: ''You're actually an a****** if you create something that helps you and write it out to exclude the vast majority of folks. There is a way of doing business without gouging, and we're always looking to challenge ourselves and do right by our community.''

All of the 13 products in Gabrielle's brand have been made to fit every hair type, and they are all priced at under $10.

Gabrielle first tried to launch her brand back in 2017, but opted to press pause on the venture because at the time she was going through IVF treatment which left her with bald spots that made launching her products feel ''disingenuous''.

She added: ''I was coming off of years of back-to-back IVF treatments that left me with bald spots on my head. It was the worst time to launch a hair-care line, when I was missing chunks of my own. It just felt disingenuous.

''At the time, we created something special, but my values weren't centred. My most authentic voice was telling me to pause.''

Now, the star has teamed up with her hairstylist Larry Sims - who has part ownership in Flawless - for the relaunch, and is excited to ''reclaim'' her company.

She told Refinery29: ''Taking this break allowed me to have some time to prioritise how I wanted this brand to be. My first order of business was wanting to reclaim my company and become 100 percent Black-owned, Black-led, and Black-marketed.

''There was no way I would create a hair-care line without the man who was literally in the trenches with me. Not only is he my hairstylist, but he's one of my best friends who was drying my tears and helping me grow my hair back.''