Review of Welcome Home Armageddon Album by Funeral For A Friend

Currently playing their first ever shows in South Africa, Welsh quintet Funeral For A Friend are imminently to release their fifth album, the follow up 2009's greatest hits compilation. The band returns to tour the UK extensively from March 16, before heading on the across mainland Europe.

Funeral For A Friend Welcome Home Armageddon Album

Beginning with the unnecessary intro track 'This Side Of Brightness', 'Welcome Home Armageddon' sees FFAF hit stride on 'Old Hymns', a combination of frantic verse and melodic chorus. The softer approach of 2007's 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves' was a commercial peak for the band but perhaps alienated heritage fans, but this batch of tunes seems to be aimed at finding a fusion to please all.

'Front Row Seats To The End Of The World' is emo screaming and anthemic hooks, whilst 'Aftertaste' should go down well in circle pits with its thumping riffs. The middle ground of the record is a touch turgid, particularly the overly dramatic 'Owls (Are Watching)' and ear-busting 'man Alive', but the album does end on a high with the title track which is actually a lot of fun and transmits a feeling of positivity.

Alex Lai

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