In 2006, as part of a series of one sided LPs, Burnt Toast Vinyl made available a three track release by hazy Danish trio Efterklang. It's only ever been available on vinyl, 'til now. Leeds based The Leaf Label have decided to give us all the chance to hear these three sweet tracks by making the record available as a download.

It might total in at under 15 minutes, but these three tracks aren't just for the collectors out there, they stand up on their own as a compositions which explore the grandest and bleakest of gestures in one fell swoop. If you heard last year's Piramida and fell in love or have been with them since the orchestral movements of Tripper first gripped you then you're going to want to hear this one. 

'Tu Es Mon Image' featuring fellow Dane Martin Hall on vocals starts off as a peaceful even chirpy number which brings to mind the lakeside scene depicted on the album cover. The blurred vocals and faint chime of the glockenspiel become ever more apparent as the track effortlessly inches its way through a change in tone to a 65 Days Of Static style laptop meltdown. The way it builds to this fuzzy crescendo is artful. Opening number 'Falling Post' is a tense number which breathily pushes its way into a disturbed world and then back through the bleak mirror to show you how it started. The solemn strings and heavy brushed drums strive to make you recognise your uncomfortable nature and veer into the quiet loud territory of Sigur Ros. In the middle comes the terse off kilter babbling of 'God Vind, Kaptajn!' which is a pithy interlude clearly showing Efterklang are just as adept at heightening the senses in two minutes as they are in eight.

If you just want to hear this then it's worth the download, but if you want to hear it as it was designed to be heard then pick up the vinyl for that down to earth scratchy authenticity. 

Lauren Mullineaux

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