Rocker Dave Navarro is revisiting the investigation into his mother's murder to thank those who helped solve the case.

The former Jane's Addiction guitarist, who is married to pin-up CARMEN ELECTRA, will appear on an upcoming episode of real-life crime series AMERICA'S MOST WANTED to thank host John Walsh for devoting so much time to his mother's murder investigation.

Navarro's mother, CONNIE NAVARRO, and her best friend, SUE JORY, were shot dead by his mother's former boyfriend, JOHN RICCARDI, in 1983. Riccardi now sits on death row in California.

Navarro, who was 15 at the time, was supposed to have been staying with his mother the weekend she was killed, but his life was apparently spared because he was with his father that day.

America's Most Wanted helped bring the murderer to justice in 1996 after police had spent 13 years trying to track the killer down.

He tells the long-running TV show, "I'll never forget the day when they got him. It was an amazing feeling. It was such an amazing sense of joy and anger and hurt and confusion."

Police always knew who had committed the double homicide but for eight years Riccardi evaded arrest. It was a tip from a viewer of the show which led to his capture.

Navarro says, "The murder basically tore our lives apart. To be don't know what to do, you don't know where to turn, you don't know how to live, how to trust. It completely throws your emotional stability out of bounds.

"To the viewers and to the people that call in, you really do make a difference, your calls really make a difference in our lives - in the victims' lives."

22/07/2004 02:53