Dave Navarro has created a guitar strap which doubles as a sex toy.

The Jane's Addiction founding member - who was married to Carmen Electra for four years - has come up with the unusual item, The Strap, which not only holds the musical instrument in position while he is on-stage but can also be used to restrain a partner in several positions while having some kinky fun in the bedroom.

Describing the tool, he told TMZ: ''It's the Swiss army knife of the bedroom.''

Dave teamed up with a bondage toy company to create the toy and admits he is a big fan of S&M - the practice of using pain as a sex stimulant - but encourages people to ensure they act out such saucy antics in a safe manner, revealing his safe word is ''Chappaquiddick''.

The musician is clearly open about his sexual desires and earlier this year on his radio show 'Dark Matter', which airs on TradioV, his co-host Dan Cleary and one of his friends Todd Newman attempted to get him to tell a story about a time Alex Rodriguez supposedly watched Dave get oral sex from a woman on Skype.

However, Dave - who was also previously married to Rhian Gittins for less than a year in 1994 and Tania Goddard for three years until 1993 - distanced himself from the tale, adding: ''I deny all of these allegations.''