Rocker Dave Navarro admits he has experimented sexually with other men, but insists he is not gay. The star, who is married to Carmen Electra, claims the encounters with members of the same sex actually helped convince him he is straight. Navarro tells the gay publication dot Newsmagazine, "I've come to realise through my experimentation over the years that I'm not gay, nor am I bisexual." The former RED HOT CHILI PEPPER, who famously locked lips with lead singer Anthony Kiedis in one of their music videos, adds, "I've never been aroused by a man, but I've been in situations where I could potentially be aroused." Navarro confesses if he were attracted to men and had to select a celebrity partner, he'd pick the "obvious" choice of Johnny Depp. Meanwhile, his wife also recently admitted to a same-sex crush of her own - 1980s rocker Joan Jett. The two women play a would-be couple in Jett's latest music video A.C.D.C., where Electra's character can't decide if she'd rather be with a man or a woman.