Review of Wrong Creatures Album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

While there are a lot of bands that can't stay the distance and keep making great music without splitting up due to musical differences, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are thankfully not one of them. Despite court battles with record labels, they still manage to keep on keeping on doing what they do best.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Wrong Creatures Album

BRMC have just released their eighth studio album 'Wrong Creatures' and, while it's been a long time coming, they prove wrong the cynics that say guitar music is dead. Clearly it is not.

'DFF' is the opener, and with its intense build up, it's one that's meant for live shows. The following 'Spook' has the BRMC trademark of great guitar riffs that blast into life at the chorus; no gimmicks, just three people and their instruments.

The album continues the theme of pure rock 'n' roll with 'King Of Bones', which leaves you nodding your head uncontrollably before they blast out the total flip side of that on 'Echo'. It's a howling, griping number sending shivers down anywhere it possibly can, the haunting vocals turning it into a truly beautiful piece of music.

'Ninth Configuration' is like a continuation of their classic 'Half State', while 'Little Thing Gone Wild' makes for an album highlight. It's in your face, it's a statement that they're going to do what they want, and you can't help but love the attitude behind it. If there was one song to summarise the album, this would be it. 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club consistently prove that guitar music lives on, no matter what the naysayers say. They find the right formula with every new album they release, and 'Wrong Creatures' is no exception.

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