Solange Knowles is ready to spoil her niece Blue Ivy.

The singer-and-DJ - who has a seven-year-old son Julez with ex-husband Daniel Smith - is thrilled her sister Beyonce Knowles has recently given birth to her first child with husband Jay-Z and she is planning to let the little girl do whatever she wants to get back at her sister.

She joked to America's InStyle magazine: "This may sound awful, but I'm excited to let the baby do whatever it wants in the same way my sister's done with my son.

"I'm going to get her back for all those late-night popcorn sessions and just spoiling my child to no end!"

Solange has previously revealed she and Beyonce will swap tips on how to be good mothers and aunts.

She explained: "My sister is a phenomenal aunt, so I'm ready to be the same in her life. I don't need any advice [on how to be a great aunt]. Because she has been a phenomenal aunt to my son, so she's set the tone as an aunt. I've set the tone as a mom, so we're learning from each other."