Losing something as precious and sentimental as a wedding ring has got to be one of the worst feelings ever, but Beyonce's little sis Solange Knowles is putting on a brave face on as she listens out for news of her own missing ring, for which she has offered a reward if found.

SolangeNo sign of Solange's missing wedding ring...

She was taking part in a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, as an honorary Muse in the all-female collective the Krewe of Muses. Bedecked in green and blue and wearing a crown of the same colours, the singer must've got a little too energetic during the celebrations because her precious wedding ring slipped off her finger into oblivion while sailing down St. Charles Avenue on Thursday (February 5th 2016).

The Krewe of Muses, run by Staci Rosenberg, took to Facebook to explain the situation. 'Honorary Muse Solange lost her wedding ring between Toledano and Foucher. Reward if found!' It read, adding an email link for any information to be sent. Among the comments were messages from fans hoping for the ring's safe return, and many remarked that it explained why the singer apparently looked so 'serious' as she rode on the float down the avenue.

Despite the distress the loss of the ring has no doubt caused Solange, she hasn't made any mention of it on her social media accounts, despite having been on Twitter since to pay her respects to the recently deceased Maurice White of Earth, Wind And Fire.

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Solange has been wearing her ring since marrying music video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on November 16th 2014. That day didn't appear to be one of her best either, as she was snapped amid the wedding celebrations with a face covered in painful-looking hives that were barely disguised by make-up.

Let's hope her luck changes and she gets that ring back!