Solange Knowles has been ''missing'' in the music industry, according to Master P.

The 49-year-old music producer, who collaborated with the 30-year-old singer on her latest LP 'A Seat At The Table', believes Beyoncé's younger sister's presence on the music scene has been long overdue.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, Master P - whose real name is Percy Miller - said: ''Solange is someone I think the game is missing.

''People been talking about Beyoncé, even though Beyoncé is a big star but Solange been working hard too.

''She's been putting together her team of people and I feel like we all a part of that support team.''

And Master P - who is the president of No Limit Records - also believes the 'Losing You' hitmaker is a role model for female musicians, and thinks all women should follow Solange and ''chase their dreams and goals''.

He explained: ''I think all women should chase their dreams and goals too. She's going to be motivation for women that have been through a lot and want more out of life without being in the shadows of someone else. I think it's good for the culture and I'm glad I was a part of it.''