Solange Knowles wants to be a Destiny's Child backing dancer again.

The 29-year-old performer spent her teenage years dancing with her sister Beyonce's girl group and admits it was her ''dream job'' and she'd love to relive those days.

She told LOOK magazine: ''Being a backing dancer for Destiny's Child was honestly a dream job. Sometimes I'm like, 'that would be fun again'.''

Solange is currently working hard on her own album and is looking forward to completing the record so she can take some time off.

She said: ''I've just been to Moscow and Stockholm. I could sleep for days but it's OK - I'm doing what I love.

''I have a month left to work on my album and then I'm going to take a long break.''

Solange also revealed that she feels ''really lucky'' her mother Tina Knowles has always been such a strong role model.

Asked if she thinks she is a strong, powerful woman, she said: ''Yes, most definitely...

''I'm really lucky that I had a mother who defined it. We saw her owning a business with 14 female employees and still picking us up and taking us to our activities.

''Her commitment and love for us never wavered.

''She taught us to respect authority, but that if you think something isn't sitting well for you, it's OK to ask questions and bring that up.''