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Robert Carlyle (Born: 04/14/1961) in Glasgow, Scotland

Carlyle studied acting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Drama but dropped out after only one term, he went on to co-form Raindog Theatre in 1991. Roberts early roles include a part in Ken Loach film Riff Raff, a brilliant episode of Cracker and the unforgetable Trainspotting. Since then Carlyle has gone on to become a seminal actor and recently stars in 28 Weeks later.

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Emma Thompson Claims Hollywood Sexism Is Worse Than Ever

Emma Thompson Robert Carlyle

Beloved English actress Emma Thompson has waded into the debate about gender equality in Hollywood, claiming that, far from making progress since the issue was first seriously raised in the last decade, the industry has gone backwards.

Speaking to the UK entertainment magazine Radio Times, the 56 year old star bemoaned that sexism in the movies was “still completely s***”. She’s one of many recent high-profile names to point out the equality gap in Hollywood, following the likes of Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Patricia Arquette.

“I don’t think there’s any appreciable improvement, and I think that, for women, the question of how they are supposed to look is worse than it was even when I was young. So no, I am not impressed, at all. I think it’s still completely s***, actually,” Thompson said.

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The Legend Of Barney Thomson Trailer

Barney Thomson is a Glaswegian barber with limited talent when it comes to hair-styling; though what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in passion. It's the only thing remotely interesting that he has in his life, but unfortunately, his boss Wullie is less than happy with his awkward manner in the shop. He wants to let Barney go, but Barney is desperate to hang on to his job and in a frantic struggle he accidentally stabs Wullie to death with some scissors. Scared and ever more desperate, he enlists the help of his ruthless mother to get rid of the body, but it isn't long before the formidable Detective Inspector Holdall starts sniffing around - and Barney is his prime suspect, whether the rest of the force believe it or not.

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Celebrities at the ITV studios

Robert Carlyle - Robert Carlyle outside ITV Studios - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 1st July 2015

Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle

EIFF Opening Night Gala

Robert Carlyle - Arrivals at the Edinburgh International Film Festival Opening Night Gala red carpet. at Festival Theatre - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Wednesday 17th June 2015

Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle and Ashley Jensen
Robert Carlyle and Ashley Jensen

Season 4 premiere of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time'

Robert Carlyle - Photos from the El Capitan Theater as many stars attended the Season 4 premiere of ABC's American fairy tale drama 'Once Upon A Time' in Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 21st September 2014

Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle

Trainspotting Sequel: Will Ewan McGregor Return? (And Other Questions)

Danny Boyle Ewan McGregor Robert Carlyle Johnny Lee Miller

Ewan McGregor's Renton famously announced that he hadn't "felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978!" in Danny Boyle's classic Trainspotting in 1996. Now, two decades later, we could find ourselves checking in with the Glasgow addict again, though we doubt he's be feeling particularly euphoric about the state of Scottish football in recent years. After several false starts, filmmaker Boyle says a script for a Trainspotting sequel is in progress, based on Irvine Walsh's 2002 novel Porno. The Manchester-born director - who helmed the Olympic Games opening ceremony in London before turning down a Knighthood from the Queen - is planning to release the new film in 2016, on the 20th anniversary of the original.

"This has been a long time coming," the Oscar winning director told Canadian film website The Playlist. "There's always been this long term plan for Trainspotting 2." Encouragingly, Boyle believes the original cast could be re-assembled to play middle-aged versions of their characters, including McGregor. "I don't think there will be any barriers to Ewan or any of the cast coming back.The reason for doing it again is that people cherish the original, people remember it or have caught up with it if they never saw it because they were younger," the filmmaker added. 

It's likely that McGregor has been offered various unsavoury Trainspotting-linked projects in the past, though a sequel with Boyle at the helm will no doubt be too good to turn down. The Scottish actor has forged a hugely successful career since the movie, though he's perhaps guilty of taking big money mainstream roles over anything particularly challenging. Another stab at Renton could change that.

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PaleyFest: Once Upon A Time

Robert Carlyle - The Paley Center For Media's PaleyFest 2013 honoring 'Once Upon A Time' at The Saban Theater - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle

California Solo Trailer

Lachlan MacAldonich is an ex Britpop musician whose glory days are well and truly over. He moved to Los Angeles from Scotland twelve years ago and settled comfortably into a lifestyle of farming, market selling and music podcasting on a small scale. Although he adores the country that he is living in, his life in general can sometimes prove too much (or too little) forcing him to drink his problems away at various city bars. After a particularly heavy booze fuelled night, Lachlan is pulled over by the cops and arrested for driving under the influence as he tries to get home. His arrest throws into light previous drug charges that ultimately put his future in the balance as he is threatened with deportation back to the UK. The only way he can remain in the country is if he can prove that his leaving would cause emotional hardship to a wife, child or other relative who is of US citizenship and since Lachlan is divorced with one child who he hasn't seen in several years and has one female friend who visits his farmer's market regularly but is very much out of his league, he hardly has a chance. 

'California Solo' is the heart-wrenching story of a forgotten man's quest to bury his past and find a way to lead the life he so wishes to lead. It has been directed and written by Marshall Lewy ('Blue State') and opens in New York on November 30th 2012. 

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Alexia Rasmussen, Kathleen Wilhoite, A Martinez, Michael Des Barres, Danny Masterson 

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Edinburgh International Film Festival screening of 'California Solo' at Cineworld Fountainpark

Robert Carlyle - Robert Carlyle and director Marshall Lewy Thursday 28th June 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival screening of 'California Solo' at Cineworld Fountainpark

Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle

I Know You Know Review

With a strongly nostalgic tone, Kerrigan gives this subtly understated thriller a provocative emotional kick. Despite a slightly contrived script, solid performances make the film both haunting and thoughtful.

In 1988 Wales, 11-year-old Jamie (Fuller) loves hanging out with his dad Charlie (Carlyle). After the summer holiday, Jamie starts in a new school with a new bully (Flynn). But he's becoming increasingly aware that his dad has a double life that involves shady friends (Bradley), guns and an arch-nemesis posing as a satellite-TV company. Is Charlie a hitman or a super spy? And will they be moving to a luxurious life in America as promised? Or is something else going on here that Jamie's only beginning to understand?

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The Unloved Review

Actress-turned-filmmaker Morton shows a remarkable confidence as director of this intensely personal drama, which is loosely based on her own experiences.

And even though the story wobbles along the way, it's a vital, involving film.

Lucy (Windsor) is an 11-year-old living with her father (Carlyle) in Nottingham. But when a schoolteacher discovers that she has been violently beaten, she's placed in a care home, sharing a room with 16-year-old tearaway Lauren (Socha). Lauren takes Lucy on several rather illicit outings, constantly landing the pair in trouble. And when Lucy wonders why she can't live with her mother (Lynch), her social worker (Stacey) only says that it's not possible.

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28 Weeks Later... Review

The grisly 28 Weeks Later... jettisons the director, cast, and recurring characters from the original film -- Danny Boyle's 2003 nightmare vision 28 Days Later -- and keeps only the franchise's dynamic plot device: a rage virus that, in seconds, turns unsuspecting citizens into violent zombies. It's an effective way to wipe the slate clean before more blood is splattered across it.

Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo structures his picture less like a conventional sequel and more like a "next chapter" in the horror saga, which might explain why this fresh, energized, and clever installment works better than it should.

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Eragon Review

Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon, a fantasy novel about dragons, elves, and a farmboy who finds out that his destiny is to destroy an evil empire, when he was 15 years old. Those themes may sound familiar to you, and that was perhaps an important part of the book's success: It became a bestseller.

I could have written a similar book (though perhaps not when I was fifteen) but I never guessed that the Tolkien estate and Lucasfilm would have given permission to use all of their ideas. As one of Paolini's characters says, forgiveness is easier than permission, and everyone seems to have forgiven Paolini (up to a point -- we''ll see how well the movie does). That's good, because every major plot point in Eragon is ripped off from The Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars series (with occasional ripoffs, probably subconscious, from other sources, like The Wizard of Oz). In fact, Eragon is so derivative it's surprising that it even got published. Or it would be, if publishing houses still had standards.

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Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School Review

So here's the scoop: In 1990, a novice director named Randall Miller made a 30-minute short film called Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School, about the titular academy for young children who learn to dance and be polite, etc. An amazing 15 years later, after paying his dues on films like Houseguest and H-E Double Hockey Sticks and TV shows like Popular, he figured he'd take that short, add an hour to it (which takes place 40 years later), and mix it up into a film called Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School. (You see, he lost an apostrophe and an "and" but gained an ampersand.)

That's some dedication to your story, but it turns out that neither the original Hotchkiss nor the updated one merit that much consideration. The short is your expected coming-of-age tale: A kid named Steve hates girls, but over time (and thanks to Hotchkiss) he comes to love them, particularly a gal named Lisa.

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Black And White (2002) Review

Cinema is littered with "true stories" of criminal justice gone horribly wrong, and generally these films are fair, good, or borderline great. Black and White, saddled with one of cinema's most cliched titles, is square in the middle of the pack, a piece about an Australian aborigine in the 1950s who was, quite obviously, wrongly convicted for raping and murdering a young girl. And though his tale is tragic, it's framed amidst a story about how backwards the Australian legal system is, and how unprepared the man's lawyer (Robert Carlyle) is to defend him in this climate. Interesting history lesson, but the drama ultimately takes a back seat to the lecture.
Robert Carlyle

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