Russian Singer Vows To Murder Church

TATU singer LENA KATINA has vowed to assassinate CHARLOTTE CHURCH, after the Welsh singer branded the pop duo "s**t".

Russian star Katina, who shoots a rapist in the head in the duo's latest video, and her bandmate YULIA VOLKOVA were shocked by outspoken Church's scathing criticism - and they are determined to have their revenge.

Church originally said, "They just sound real s**t. And one of them's a minger (unattractive) as well. Their single's awful."

Katina counters, "I will murder her. She should come to Moscow and then I will shoot her in the head just like in our video.

"No one has heard of her in my country - yet where she lives, everyone knows who we are.

"She must be very careful with her big mouth because bad things can happen to people."


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smittysoccerchick's picture


woot woot go taty/t.a.t.u and after u shoot her i will be there sayin "yulia shoot her again cuz its better to be safe then sorry cuz her music is so s**t!!" and the "lena, ill let u drive the car cuz i dont trust yulia driving she crazy driver ..ohh and where do u wanta dump the body?" cya's
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8 years 4 weeks ago
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max's picture


No member of the human race should ever use anger or threaten to hurt or kill another. Each one of you is a soul in a human body. You are here to do God's work and should listen to your soul and not your head. The soul will always tell you the truth, the head can confuse and lie to you. This message is for those Russian singers whoever they are, but it also applies to the whole of humanity. One of our main reasons for having life here on earth is to help others and bring joy and love to others. The last thing we should be is self centered or filled with pride of ourselves. Think of the word Happiness for that is the real reason for being here. Happiness for all given by us to others whenever possible.So to you ladies who seek popularity by using your singing voices remember "do it with happiness for all", not for self centered pride. Remember one day you will leave planet earth and all your earthly posessions. You can however take with you the loving feelings and the good knowledge that you have acquired during your journeys as a member of the human race.May God bless you all,Max
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9 years 2 weeks ago
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