The Get Him to the Greek star became known for his radical views to reform Britain's democratic system last year (14) when he released the book Revolution.

Brand urged the public not to vote in the general election in May (15) but backtracked and threw his support behind Labour leader Ed Miliband, who was subsequently trounced in the polls, leading to speculation his association with Brand was catastrophic for his party.

The comedian was ridiculed for interfering in politics, and in the months since the election Brand has become less vocal about the topic and shut down his online discussion channel The Trews.

Welsh singer Church has also been a vocal protester about politics in Britain following the shock election victory by David Cameron's Conservative party, and she admits she is sad Brand is no longer campaigning.

"I met him at an anti-austerity thing in June," she tells Britain's The Independent newspaper. "He was very, um, 'My child...' It was all a bit religious, but I'm not a believer. I think it's a shame that he's been pushed to the point where he's basically like... I mean, where's he gone?"