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Celebrity Masterchef: Is Janet Street-Porter The New Ferran Adrià?

Janet Street Porter Heidi Range Jo Wood Katy Brand

Celebrity Masterchef - one of the most easy watching and addictive programmes on television - is back! It all got underway on Wednesday night (July 31, 2013) with a spurious group of famous chefs including comedian Katy Brand, former Sugababe Heidi Range and Jo Wood. Yes, that Jo Wood. The ex-wife of Ronnie Wood.

However, it was the ballsy journalist Janet Street-Porter who emerged as a potential winner, "She knows how to bone a duck," mused the pensive John Torode as the former newspaper editor went to work on a bird.

Former greengrocer and Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace is known for his blunt dismals of contestant's food - despite seemingly having no credentials to judge good food, other than selling bags of onions in Covent Garden - though even he looked terrified as Street-Porter gave him as much back.

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Sir Jimmy Savile Branded A ‘National Disgrace’

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Janet Street Porter Gary Glitter

Sir Jimmy Savile has been branded a “national disgrace” by comedian Freddie Starr in light of the recent allegations that the former entertainer and philanthropist sexually abused under-aged girls.

Starr’s statement came after he was accused of joining the late Saville and proven paedophile Gary Glitter in a three-way dressing room attack on a girl during the seventies, with Starr insisting that he had nothing to do with the attacka and that he has never abused a girl in his life. Starr also claimed that he and Savile had never been friends and had only met him on a few occasions. Speaking to The Mirror he insisted: “We moved in different circles, and I never, ever joined them in a BBC dressing room.”

Yesterday, the father of six said that the ordeal he is being dragged into is putting his already deteriorating health at risk, with the comic having undergone a triple bypass in 2010 after suffering a heart attack. Now Starr wants to be distanced as far away from the allegations as possible should his health be risked any further.

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Janet Street Porter Knew Of Sir Jimmy Savile’s Sex Scandal?

Jimmy Savile Janet Street Porter

The British press has been rocked by specualtion that legendary entertainer and television presenter Sir Jimmy Savile engaged in sexual acts with a number of under aged girls. Now, broadcaster Janet Street Porter, has added credence to the allegations, recalling hearing rumours of this whilst she was working for the BBC in the 1970's and 80's.

Speaking on Question Time last night, Porter said that she and " a lot of people in the BBC knew what was going on," adding that she "heard the rumours but I was working in an environment that was totally male."

Janet, who has worked in a number of broadcasting roles since 1975, said that she had long been aware of the quiet things that went on inside dressing rooms across the TV industry and did not solely refer to the late Savile when she mentioned these goings on.

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Turner Prize 2012 Exhibition Will Shock Art Enthusiasts

Gay Byrne Janet Street Porter Elizabeth Price

This year’s Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain is set to be nothing short of bizarre, shocking and immensely confusing with the four nominees presenting work of an outstanding quality that is as thought-provoking as it’s possible to get.

Opening the exhibition of Turner prize nominees is the distinctly humorous art work of Paul Noble who presents his cheeky pencil sketches of his 16 year-old fictitious town of Nobson which, with all its beauty and prosperity, is populated by several turd-shaped beings – a rather tongue-in-cheek idea of conceptual art and will possibly be the last we see of it as Noble announces he is to begin on a new project. Filmmaker Luke Fowler showcases his 2011 documentary on his specialist subject of Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing. A full 90 minutes long, making tomorrow’s show a fairly lengthy experience, ‘All Divided Selves’ reveals people’s false ideas concerning Laing’s sanity with sound bites from Gay Byrne and Janet Street Porter and the suggestion that the psychological definitions of schizophrenia could put anyone away in a mental institution.

Elizabeth Price’s disturbing audio visual, ‘The Woolworths Choir of 1979’ is a mere 20 minutes long contrasting the upbeat scene of ‘60s girl band The Shangri-Las performing with a frantic clip of a person screaming for help stuck inside a store from news footage of the 1979 Woolworths store fire in Manchester which claimed the lives of 10 people. Finally, Spartacus Chatwynd is on another level of bizarre with his live performances showing him and his show troupe dressing as trees and flailing their branches about. Putting a morbid downer on this year’s Turner Prize event is the recent death of one of the Turner prize judges Michael Stanley, who sadly won’t be around to judge the winner on December 3, 2012.

Janet Street Porter - Pete Spanton and Janet Street-Porter Tuesday 3rd April 2012 Damien Hirst Exhibition Private View at Tate Modern

Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter

Janet Street Porter - Janet Street-Porter Wednesday 11th May 2011 at ITV Studios London, England

Janet Street Porter

Janet Street Porter - Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at London Fashion Week London, England

Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter

Janet Street Porter and Grosvenor House Wednesday 19th March 2008 at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2007 at Grosvenor House London, England

Janet Street Porter and Grosvenor House

Janet Street Porter - Janet Street-Porter and Tania Bryer Sunday 20th May 2007 at British Academy Television Awards London, England

Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter

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